The Texas A&M Sammy House

After leasing multiple smaller houses, the Gamma Kappa Chapter has finally settled on a real permanent home. Acquired in the Spring of 2017, the Sammy house is the largest fraternity house at Texas A&M University, featuring 25 bedrooms and capable of housing over 40 active members. 


Here is some information about our house, visiting however is the best way to truly see our house! Photos of the various amenities are posted above.


Located on Fraternity Row, and less than three miles away from campus, the Sammy House is one of the closest fraternity houses to campus. Getting to and from class is as simple as driving less than eight minutes, a fifteen to twenty minute bus ride from a stop right next to the house on Route 34 (Fish Camp) or even a fifteen minute bike ride.





With twenty-five bedrooms, there is plenty of living space for active members. Out of all the bedrooms, seven are designed as double bedrooms with 13x17 dimensions, and the rest are considered single bedrooms with 12x12 dimensions, and one slightly larger bedroom is designated as the Presidential Suite. All seven double bedrooms, as well as the Presidential Suite are located on the East Wing of the house. All the remaining single bedrooms are located in the West Wing. 


Kitchen & Dining

The Sammy House features a large industrial kitchen as well as a huge chapter dining room. Actives living at the house, as well as some outside the house have a meal plan cooked by a house chef, who provides continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are refrigerators dedicated to storing snack foods for actives along with the meal plan.


Common Areas

Theres always space to hang out with your brothers at the Sammy house. Firstly, our spacious chapter room, where all our composites, awards, and other memorabilia are found, is the place to be to study or simply hang out. Our movie theater room, featuring a small half-bathroom, and a massive projector screen movie setup, is the place to be to watch Texas Aggie Football away games or anything else! The other two common rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs, feature a pool table, couches, and desks for use at anytime.



By far the most popular part of our house, the backyard is about an acre large, and features a full-sized sports practice field, patio, a full storage shed, and a swath of beautiful oak trees. The whole backyard is fenced in and is fully lit at night, meaning the fun never stops at the Sammy House.



With a parking lot capable of filling 80 cars, theres always room to park at the Sammy house. Twenty-four hour video surveillance cameras monitor the lot, making sure your car will stay safe and secure no matter what time of day.